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 "I have known Monika for more than ten years. She has been my hairdresser for all of that time, and has also cut the hair of my two daughters.Monika is always charming, polite, pleasant, reliable and trustworthy. She is a talented hairdresser and able to make suggestions and listen sensitively to her clients’ suggestions. I have been to many hairdressers over the years, seldom returning to the same hairdresser twice, having often been disappointed with their treatment of my challenging thick curly hair. However since discovering Monika, I have never been anywhere else! I always enjoy her visits and I trust she will be able to cut my hair for many years to come.Despite working as a hairdresser Monika has successfully completed a degree course in Fashion and Design. Her degree portfolio, which she showed to me, is interesting, unusual and included some beautiful designs. Completing study of this intensity and standard shows initiative, dedication and admirable ambition.Monika is a very talented person with excellent interpersonal skills. I am sure she will go far and she would be an asset to any team in a variety of roles connected with fashion and design, makeup and hairdressing."

Jane Moore / Doctor / March 2015

"Monika Selecka is a very talented lady. She has fully mastered a range of creative skills equipping her to take her place in the world of fashion design. Dedicated, hard working and professional, Monika has a steely determination to succeed and the vision and commercial acumen to go far, as well poise and a quiet grace that make her a delight to know."

Julie West / Solicitor / Dec 2015

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